Replacement Tyres: Specialty Options to Consider for Your Vehicle

Vehicle tyres are designed and built to provide prolonged service after installation. However, these components are not indestructible, so they will wear away eventually or sustain damage due to accidents and vandalism. If your tyres are no longer reparable, you must acquire suitable replacements. The standard tyres in normal vehicles are usually all-terrain and all-season tyres. Basically, this means that they are fabricated to offer good performance in most road conditions. Unfortunately, their performance is still not exceptional in most non-regular driving conditions. If you are interested in replacement that will perform well in a specific environment, you should think about purchasing specialty tyres. Here are the common specialty tyres that you should consider for your vehicle.

Rough Terrain Tyres

If you drive frequently on rural roads and other off-road areas, you should consider purchasing rough terrain replacement tyres. The tread surfaces of these types of tyres are designed with deep lugs and voids. These can bite into soft mud and sand to achieve better traction and they will pass over gravel and rocks with more ease. The walls of rough terrain tyres are thick and reinforced to increase their strength. This aspect makes them resistant to punctures and other forms of mechanical damage. Unfortunately, off-road tyres are not suitable for prolonged usage on normal roads because the open tread means less contact with the road and reduced traction.

Winter Tyres

Winter tyres are essential in improving safety when driving during the corresponding season. These are designed to offer better traction in soft snow and slick roads. Generally, winter tyres have more grooves on the surface to provide an increased grip and to allow more water to flow under the tyre. Moreover, these are fabricated using a special type of rubber that continues to perform exceptionally even in low temperatures. You might find some snow tyres manufactured with metal studs for increased traction. However, check the local legislation on using such tyres before purchase. If this option is too expensive, acquire some tyre winter chains. These will increase traction when wrapped around your regular tyres.

Performance Tyres

The modern performance tyres are designed for different types of cars, so you do not have to own a sports car to enjoy the benefits. These products are manufactured with soft rubber which rolls easier on the road and is not prone to overheating. The treads on the surface are designed as wide linear grooves which can channel water away without compromising traction. Unfortunately, performance tyres wear out quickly because of the soft rubber. 

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