Why You Might Want Performance Tyres

If you are currently shopping around for new tyres for your vehicle, you might be thinking about performance tyres. These tyres can be used year-round on your vehicle, similar to all-season tyres. However, they do have some significant differences from basic all-season tyres, particularly with their design and tread. Here are some reasons you might want to consider switching to performance tyres.

They Can Handle Heat

One thing that performance tyres do very well is handle a lot of heat. When you drive long distances, especially at higher speeds, regular tyres or all-season tyres tend to lose their traction and wear out more quickly. This puts you at risk for tyre failure while on the road, leader to more frequent flats and even tyre blowouts. This isn't just inconvenient, but can also become very dangerous. The tyres handle heat from driving at high speeds over hot pavement, and simply from being hotter outside for the tyres.

Handling Is Improved

If you are looking for better handling, these are the tyres for you. Performance tyres aren't just meant to handle different conditions and weather changes like all-season tyres or winter tyres, but also to help improve the handling. Many people with sports cars like these tyres, though regular cars, trucks, and SUVs can also benefit from them. Their unique design allows for better steering, increased speeds while turning around corners, and even stopping your vehicle more precisely.

You Can Drive at Higher Speeds

The traction and design of the tyres also help you to drive at higher speeds without putting yourself at risk. With the better handling, you have more control over your vehicle, and can handle different types of roads much better. If you do have a vehicle that you like to drive at higher speeds, you will enjoy the way these tyres perform.

They Are Able to Tolerate Weather Conditions

Performance tyres usually have a wider design and can handle different road conditions and weather conditions. So not only do they handle the heat of summer and resulting hot pavements, but the design can handle wet grounds after a heavy rain, and can also drive easily over snow and ice. This is great news when you live somewhere that get s a lot of bad weather, but you don't want to have to switch to winter tyres or snow tyres every year. You can leave the performance tyres on year-round for convenience purposes.