How Can a Specialist Repair a Damaged Wheel?

Your car's wheels are an extremely important component in maintaining a safe and comfortable ride. But what happens when one of them gets damaged? No need to worry because there are specialists out there who can repair and restore the wheel to its prime condition. How do they do this?

Wheel Straightening

This repair technique is used when the wheel is bent out of its original shape due to potholes, uneven road surfaces, or collisions. The specialist will use hydraulic equipment to apply pressure and heat to the affected area, gradually reshaping it back to its original form. The final stage involves using a precision lathe to ensure the wheel runs perfectly true.

Powder Coating

If scrapes, chips or rust have damaged the wheel, powder coating might be the solution. This process involves stripping and sandblasting the wheel down to its bare metal form, repairing any damage, and powder coating it with a high-quality finish. Powder coating not only restores the appearance but also adds a protective layer to your wheel that will last for years.


Welding is used when a wheel is cracked or the wheel lip is damaged. The specialist will remove the damaged section of the wheel and substitute it with a new piece. The repair is then welded in place using heat and pressure. Once this repair is complete, the wheel will be balanced and tested to ensure it is safe and functional. Note that this is not possible in many cases, should the structural integrity of the wheel be compromised.

Rim Refinishing and Polishing

If your wheel has chips or abrasions, it can be polished to restore its finish. The specialist will sand the wheel down to its bare metal, remove all of the scratches and marks, and then polish and refinish the rim. This method will leave your wheel looking brand-new without requiring any costly replacements.

Alloy Wheel Repairs

Alloy wheels are known for their lightness and aesthetic appeal, but they're also prone to scratches, scuffs, and chips. Alloy wheel repair is a process in which a specialist will restore the finish and structural integrity of the wheel. The damaged area will first be sanded down to remove any corrosion or paint, then the wheel will be refinished to its original appearance.

The Takeaway

In conclusion, wheel damage is typically a frustrating and inconvenient experience. However, a specialist can return these components to their original state or create an entirely new one with the right level of skill and experience. Wheel specialists can use a variety of techniques to repair your damaged wheels and restore them to their former condition without needing to replace them at high costs.

For more information about mechanical repairs, contact a local auto shop.